​Ongoing: Norwegian Holdings continues to purchase paintings/prints. Latest two commissions in 2022, six large canvases in 2021.  

January 2022:  Creative Continuum: New Hope Arts Center

Through 2019-2020: Work in Elle Decor's 30-year anniversary project in NYC with Larry Zox & Dan Christensen, placed by Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory, NYC.

March 7: Two oils on 30x22-inch paper will be auctioned off at the Baily House Gala & Auction in NYC at Pier 60.  Bidding starts at 30% of retail.  


July 6 - August 4: Group show (High Color & Raw Emotions) @ Mark Gallery, 175 Rivington St., NYC (Lower East Side)

January:  Thanks to "unbroken journal" for publishing "The place that one becomes."


​Work featured in Interiors Magazine
November: Holiday House NYC w/Elizabeth Sadoff

October:  "Lee Kaloidis on paper 2009-2011" - a 220-image overview of the last six bodies of paper work.  For sale on Blurb (price is cost, no profit).  Hardback, high-quality paper.


* Big thanks to Unbroken Journal for submitting "Megalomania" for 2017 Best of The Net Anthology.
*Thank you to Michael Jefry Stevens for using Regatta Dusk for the cover of his new CD 

Duets": Collaboration with London-based photographer Krystina Stimakovits: 

* Assemblage & Collage Invitational Exhibition at New Hope Arts March 11 to April 9

* January: Thanks to Michael Jefry Stevens for using 11-14-13 for the cover of his new CD. 


* October: Thanks to "unbroken journal" for accepting "Megalomania" for publication in January '17

Thanks to Soho-Myriad for the commission of four canvases

* September: Thanks to unbroken journal for accepting "Does it matter" for publication in October & ink in thirds for accepting "I remember" for publication in the Dec/Jan issue.  

* August:  "Cha cha" and "Untitled (a mystery in 10 acts)" published by Strange Poetryhere

* May 6-8: Whale Songs - New Hope Arts Center, Pennsylvania

* February: A big thank you to Michael Jefry Stevens for using Whale Song 6 for the CD cover of "Michael Jefry Stevens: Brass Tactics", recorded in NYC and produced by Konnex Records out of Germany

* September: Affordable Art Fair, NYC, Muriel Guepin Gallery

June: "Ten Days In June", Robert Szot & Lee Kaloidis @ Muriel Guepin Gallery, NYC


* Novemeber: Galerie Cerulean - Project Room, curated by Joe Walentini

* August & December: Featured on the Homepage of Saatchi Online in the collection "Inspired by Kandinsky"

* February 1-March 22, Lee Kaloidis: Selected Works, Mark Gallery


2014 Solo Show The Mark Gallery, NYC
Contact: lkaloidis@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leekaloidis/
Flickr Albums for complete/current work
2015 10 Days in June @ Muriel Guepin Gallery with Robert Szot, NYC