Paint is more than a medium that carries pigment. It mediates between the artist and object, object and viewer, and mitigates the conceptual dryness of purely idea-based art.​ Its presence transforms the intellectual into the sensual.

 My paintings are a direct byproduct of intense involvement with improvisational music and free-verse poetic composition. They are about expressive freedom, dramatic and evolutionary movement, balance and integrity/synthesis, and ultimately about natural order. What drives movement is tension. I like to think of my paintings as places where the most divergent and unexpected things collide, converging at just the right time into articulate realizations of new compositional possibilities.

** "Art And Apprehension: Catalog Essay for 2011 Solo Show at the New Hope Art Center"
** "Text For Solo Show at The Mark Gallery: 2014

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016 * New Hope Art Center, PA: Whale Songs
2014 * Galerie Cerulean- Project Room, NYC, curated by Joe Walentini
     * Mark Gallery, NJ/NYC
2013  Art Around The Park, The Simon Gallery, Morristown NJ
2011 The New Hope Arts Center, PA
2010 “Flying Colors”,  Riverrun Gallery, Lambertville NJ
2008 The Frame Shop Gallery, Lambertville NJ
2004 Philadelphia Art Expo, Philadelphia PA

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2017: Assemblage & Collage Invitational Exhibition at New Hope Arts
2015: * Affordable Art Fair, Muriel Guepin Gallery, NYC
      * "Ten Days In June", Robert Szot & Lee Kaloidis @ Muriel Guepin Gallery, NYC
2013: * Abstraction Revisited: The New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA
      * Abstractions: Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ/NYC
     * The Estate, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
     * Mandarin Oriental, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2012 Atelier Gary Lee, Merchandise Mart, Chicago
2011 New Hope Film Festival, New Hope Arts Center, PA
2010 Sculpture New Hope, New Hope Arts Center, PA
2009 Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, PA, Virginia Mecklenberg, Curator Painting/Sculpture 

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Selected Collections:

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NJ (12 Paintings)
Tihany Design for Tse Fung, St. Petersburg, Russia (3 paintings)
Gary Lee: Gary Lee Partners, Atelier Gary Lee, Chai Ming Studios, Chicago
Exhibit Planners, PA
Savel Inc, NYC
Doreen A. Wright & Robert Beck
Pat & Alex Gorsky, CEO J&J
Terrence & Lee Karpowicz
Carol Cruickshanks, PhD, Art Historian, Lecturer, Director New Hope Arts Center
(more names upon request)

University Education:

1979-1982  Brooklyn College, English Literature
1978 The New School for Social Research, Poetry with William Packard, NYC 
1973-1975 University of Miami School of Music, Jazz Studies

Selected Poetry Publication:

Orbis, Special American Poetry Edition, UK
The Little Magazine, SUNY (State University of New York)
Painted Bride Quarterly, Philadelphia
The Howling Mantra, WI
Asylum Annual, Greg Boyd Editor, Bay Area, CA

Artist Statement/CV